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Hi, I'm Lingyuan, on the way to chasing dreams :)

My name is Lingyuan Li. I have a B.Eng. in Software Engineering from Southeast University and a M.S. in Computer Science from New York University. I earned my Ph.D. in Human-Centered Computing at Clemson University in 2023, where I was a member of CUGAME lab and advised by Dr. Guo Freeman
My research, rooted in human-computer interaction (HCI) and computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW), explores the nuanced experiences and social dynamics emerging around technological artifacts and collaborative systems. Specifically, I have a keen interest in areas like digital economy, social virtual reality (social VR), human-centered AI, games and play, and live streaming. Through my work in these domains, I seek to unravel the complex interplay between human engagement with digital environments and the shaping of our collective experiences.
Feb. 2024: 🎉 3/3 our Late-Breaking Work papers have been accepted at CHI 2024, including one where I'm the first author (Exploring Redesigning Digital P2P Payments to Facilitate Social Connections: A Participatory Design Approach).  
Nov. 2023: 🎉 My first-author paper Beyond Just Money Transactions: How Digital P2P Payments (Re)shape Existing Offline Interpersonal Relationships has been accepted at CSCW 2024!
Oct. 2023: 🏆🏆 Both of our papers "Creepy Towards My Avatar Body, Creepy Towards My Body": How Women Experience and Manage Harassment Risks in Social Virtual Reality and "We Don’t Want a Bird Cage, We Want Guardrails": Understanding & Designing for Preventing Interpersonal Harm in Social VR through the Lens of Consent have won the Honorable Mention Award (Top 3%) at CSCW 2023!
May 2023: 🎓 I have been officially hooded as Dr. Li! 
Apr. 2023: 🏆 My first-author paper "We Cried on Each Other's Shoulders": How LGBTQ+ Individuals Experience Social Support in Social Virtual Reality has won the Honorable Mention Award (Top 3%) at CHI 2023!
Apr. 2023: 👩‍🏫 I has successfully defended my doctoral dissertation!
Feb. 2023: 🥇 I has been awarded Outstanding Ph.D. Student in Human-Centered Computing (1/all HCC Ph.D. students) at Clemson University.
Jul. 2021: 🎉🎟 I have got accepted to the highly competitive and selective CSCW Doctoral Consortium 2021.
May 2021: 🎉​​​​​​​🎟 I have got accepted to the highly competitive and selective IMX Doctoral Consortium 2021.
ACM CSCW Best Paper Honorable Mention Awards (Top 3%), 2023 (2)
ACM CHI Best Paper Honorable Mention Award (Top 3%), 2023 (1)
Outstanding Ph.D. Student in Human-Centered Computing (1/all HCC PhD students), Clemson University, 2023
ACM SIGMM Best Social Media Reporter Award, 2021
Feb. 2024: Conference Reviewer, CSCW 2024  January 2024 Cycle (3)
Feb. 2024: Conference Reviewer, CHI (LBW) 2024 (3)
Sept. 2023: Conference Reviewer, CHI 2024 (5)
Aug. 2023 - present: Web Chair, ACM GROUP 2025
Jul. 2023: XR Reviewer, SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 (1)
May 2023: Conference Reviewer, CSCW (Posters) 2023 (1)
Apr. 2023: Journal Reviewer, CSCW Journal (1)

Apr. 2023: Journal Paper Reviewer, IEEE ISMAR 2023 (1)
Feb. 2023: ​​​​​​​Conference Reviewer, CSCW 2023 January 2023 Cycle (2)
Sept. 2022: Conference Reviewer, CHI 2023 (4)
Aug. 2022: Conference Reviewer, CSCW 2023 July 2022 Cycle (1)
Apr. - May 2022: Student Volunteer, ACM CHI 2022
Aug. 2021: Conference Reviewer, CSCW 2022 July 2021 Cycle (1)
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