Collaboration, Dedication, and Social Pressure: A Comparative Analysis of Virtual and Face-to-Face Game Jams
Research Question
How, if at all, do virtual and face-to-face game jams afford different technological processes, social experiences, and values that are important to game design and development?
Game jams are virtual or face-to-face events where game developers (often non-professional or hobbyist) collaborate to make digital games  within a limited time frame. As these events have become not only game-creation events but also social collaboration spaces, important questions emerge regarding how exactly different modes of game jams can offer different affordances for developers’ social collaboration.
Using 24 semi-structured interviews, we empirically investigate and compare game developers’ engagement with virtual and face-to-face game jams, including their social experiences and technological processes. 
We contribute to the gaming community by providing empirical evidence on the unique roles and values of different modes of game jams in game development and by highlighting the social aspect of game making.