Money vs. Social Life: Why People Choose Not to Use Facebook Messenger Payment
Research Questions
Why are people unwilling to use Facebook Messenger payment?
How do people perceive the integration of P2P payments with social media services in general?
As money and mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) payment experiences have become an emerging research agenda in HCI, prior studies have focused on the factors that promote the use of P2P payment services as well as related design implications. Yet, few have investigated why people decide not to use such services (e.g., technology non-use) and how people perceive the increasing trend of integrating P2P payments with social media services. 
To explore these issues, we identified factors that hindered people from using Facebook Messenger payment and their perceptions of integrating of P2P payments with social media based on 158 social media posts and 8 interviews. 
This study not only extends our existing understanding of technology non-use through the lens of Facebook payment but also helps HCI researchers and designers innovate emerging financial technologies and better understand the global phenomenon of all-in-one design