About the project-2016
Background: This is self-tying device that frees the need to manually tie shoelaces. Simply install it on normal sneaker and you’ll get a shoe that can automatically self-tie itself.
Differentiating Factors: Can be reapplied to other athletic shoes; locking mechanism; replaceable battery
Occupation: Steve James is a Division 1 College basketball player trying to make it into the NBA
Requirements/apparel: Basketball is a fast paced game, little time to tighten one’s shoes. Steve would occasionally have to compromise shoe lace tightness for time, and have  shoes on that weren’t ideally tied. In worst case scenarios, he would even have an untied shoelace that he would have to stop for and tie.
Solution: TBD’s simple mechanism allows simple control over the shoelace tightness. TBD gives Steve the ability to keep his shoes tight throughout the game without sacrificing time or speed.
The device is a short cylinder with two holes used to insert two shoelaces. The top compartment is a rotating cylinder that controls the tightness of the shoe. The user rotates  the cylinder to a small degree, which the device would take as a sign to either tighten/untighten the shoe.
Step1: Insert the ends of shoelace to the two holes
Step2: Unlock the button
Step3: Twist the cover of the device
Change the battery
Step1: Lock the button
Step2: Twist the device clockwise until the cover pops up and the battery shows up
Step3: Change the battery and close the cover
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