About the project-2019
General topic: information accessibility via gamification
Goal: to make students have a good understanding of the Clemson campus in an interactive and interesting way.
Unlock CU: namely unlock Clemson University, a map-based mobile app.
Highlight: we added "friction" when designing the app, "forcing" our target audience to explore the campus and visit some chosen buildings in person. By gamificating the campus tour and offering free Clemson Tigers T-shirts incentives, students’ willingness to explore the campus and familiarity with functions of buildings would increase greatly.
Problem Statement
1. New students are unfamiliar with the campus and sometimes reluctant to explore it.
2. Upperclassmen probably just focus on few buildings they usually go to but also need updated information about the campus according to their changing needs.
3. Many educational resources are wasted and idle.
4. Existing similar apps do not provide detailed specific information, for example, what students can do or expect in a certain building.
Ideation: We chose some buildings/places which are important and meaningful to students' study life here. These places in the map will initially look grey and locked. Once students go there, intrigue the AR tour and collect AR items, icons of the places will become unlocked and colorized. During an AR tour, students will be offered information / background of the place. After unlocking all the places, students can get a free Clemson Tiger T-shirt as a reward. The information will be updated real-time. For upperclassmen who already played the game, they can check useful information about buildings at anytime. 
Ideation illustration

    User vs Screen

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